Meet the parents 2023

The truth is that when I am stressing about a family gathering, I usually google my thinking and end up on many forums of people sharing about this, but this time it’s more complicated, when I googled it there was 0 result.

Et si la crise actuelle n’avait pas vraiment commencé ?

Les prix de l’immobiliers baissent légèrement, les entreprises licencient les excédents d’effectifs mais la crise elle, a-t-elle vraiment commencée ? Et si c’était plus long que prévue, va-t-on vers des licenciements plus massifs

A day and a half in Berlin

I miss Berlin, even though winter are very difficult over there, each time I go there I feel happy again. I have lovely friends still living there, the city is always huge and beautiful and I just love the spirit there. Even if it has changed with the city being less and less accessible over…


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