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It has been a long time since my last article, a lot has happened in the meantime. I have been stuck in Paris over the past weeks and probably until October this year. Anyway, life is made of random events that will influence our plans, I accept my fate and I seem to be pretty lucky over time. 🍀

Good morning Paris

I think it might be my first article fully in english, I woke up this morning at 5am, set up my computer on the table and started writing, while enjoying the view of the sunrise on Paris and the Eiffel tower, and felt inspired 😇. Enjoying a Nespresso café “Shanghai” level 5 and listening to the latest episode of my favourite podcast HoHo Hong Kong. – Life –

The latest incident on the Chinese nuclear power plant, yesterday, reminded me of Fukushima. Why would I remember it ? Well, first of all, I was leaving in Shanghai at that time, and second, I was supposed to travel to Japan the last week of March 2011…

I remember how everyone was panicking about the radiation plume/ cloud traveling around, the leak in the ocean of nuclear waste that would contaminate seafood. I remember even some french families were evacuated at the time from China, French workers in Shanghai would over panic and send their families back to France. The french consulate at the time was giving us alarming informations on how much radiation was / might be in the air.
To give you a point of perspective, there was a few deaths in China, because people were reading blogs saying that salt might protect you of radiation… It caused a global shortage of table salt in the city, and a few deaths of MAD people eating kilos of salt to “save themselves from radiations”.
Chinese people are unfortunately the best when it comes to follow a trend or a fake news, probably because of the lack of information / or the control of information by the government.
I had by luck a friend working as an engineer in a nuclear plant in France and he made me figure out that radiation wouldn’t be worse over China than anywhere else, and that it was unnecessary to get iodine pills !
However, the idea that I could have been in Japan during the tsunami is terrifying.

Our life is definitely a matter of a few choices

Paris really feels like a little village recently. Covid and travel bans are affecting tourism like crazy, only a few europeans are visiting the city while night lockdown rules are still in place. It is a chance to be there, my girlfriend has joined me for a few weeks and we have been enjoying going to dinner on a few restaurant terraces, climbing Montmartre on a sunny Sunday and walking around the center with an almost empty city center from Notre-Dame to Arc de Triomphe through an empty Musée du Louvre.

I admit that I have been thinking a lot about the situation in the UK with the Indian Variant Delta. The British government has extended their deadline for reopening of a month to try to contain the spread of cases.
I am enjoying at most the reopening here because I have a bad feeling we might have in the end to do another “stop and go” before vaccination immunity is protecting us enough 😷
As my cardiologist would say, we can all die at anytime so let’s enjoy life to its fullest and have no regrets.

Let’s enjoy life to its fullest and have no regrets

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