Parisians startup Too Good To go vs Instagram

There has been some backlash recently on the French Instagram account called “Balance ta startup” literally “denounce your startup” (link); regarding a company called Too Good To Go, you might have heard about it, their “eco-responsible, anti-waste concept is to let you buy unsold goods from restaurants, hotels or shops that would normally end up in the trash.
Parisians startup are well known for not totally respecting the french labor laws in the idea that they would offer the best opportunities anyway so that you would not really want to leave them anyway. I myself experience a not so funny termination after 8 months of probation… they would then make a hell for me to find a new jobs in another of these companies.
In this case, the co funder Lucie Basch is accused of always levelling down wages to make people feel bad and leaving the company without having to terminate them; contacting employees on weekends or at night, there are apparently a bunch of moral harassment cases as well.
The CEO is accused of spending her lockdown time in Saint Barthélémy, accused of spending her time in planes trips, all of it stinks jealousy… but at the same time I can understand that if you get the job done, exceed in your work and never get a raise because you are not a friend from school for your employer then it can only go wrong.

I mean all of it as a little taste of Déja Vu, IMHO the main problems of all these startups remains the same across them all, young entrepreneur coming from nice business schools are keeping this ambiance of “business school”.
They love the Play hard, work hard ambiance inside their own businesses with the problem being that C-levels, which are mostly their friends from school are all well paid, whereas they use their status of being a young company to level down all employees salaries. With the fact that they also push them to make as much as possible with the only retribution has having a nice experience there, it can only crash at some point..
Probably what they were told to do in school, but not very human. Backlash has to come back to them at some point and it ends up on those creepy post on Instagram where they are put to public shaming.

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