Progresses on RNA vaccines technology, premises of a new type of bio-weapon ?

Science is great and also often unfortunately correlated to research on advance weaponry systems, governments being more keen to spend billions of dollars into their defence programs than on vaccines R&D.

It just stuck me the other night, how RNA vaccines are a major scientific breakthrough, making it so much easier for us to find the adequate counter-measures in a short period of time against any type of new viruses that would threaten Humanity.

The associated risk with that type of scientific innovation is that potentially any state who would master this advance technology can now potentially develop any new disease and manufacture its cure at the same time as well. To put this in perspective, North Korea could erase the rest of humanity and make sure their own citizens survive, of course the scale is probably fortunately too large.

On a smaller scale the best example of such weapon system is that scene in the last James Bond movie No Time to Die where the scientific used DNA technology to kill everyone in the room except the ones that are protected.

Yet the technology is not perfect, Covid-19 RNA vaccines are effective but we still need boosters from time to time to make sure we have the right level of immunization against the virus. These breakthroughs are rising hopes for vaccines against certain types of cancers, even HIV could potentially be cure in the next decades.

Let’s cross our fingers that this technology will be used wisely in the future !

Short article to be continued later 🙂

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