2022, sky is the limit πŸ˜Ž

25B31BDE00683EB6596E5F4505A00B0110FF6A9B4AA88BC31BDDB69DB78A65E0 , this would be the hash of the title in 64 bytes with SHA 256 πŸ” which we use to secure blocks on the Bitcoin blochain.

Alright πŸ˜‡ I just wanted to bore you with some geeky stuff for the new year. There is so much to learn and to discover in 2022. Let’s for a moment put aside the pandemic, since we have a promising vaccine mNRA technology, the only challenge left is mass production for the whole planet 🌎 (just..)


The real challenge of 2022 might be elsewhere, starting by saving our democracies which have been hit badly with extraordinary measure on governments side and conspiracy theories on the other side. Given the low level of the French presidential campaign, I have never been that worried that France might follow the British in some European Union exiting delirium.

Crisis has only got worse existing problems, creating an even greater gap between the richest and the poorest.

With the current levels of inflation, chances are governments won’t increase minimum wages, using the base level workers as adjustment’s variable, in the idea that increasing all salaries with ongoing inflation might make it worse. This can already be verified, French governement recently offered 100€ to all citizens making less than €2000 net to compensate with the extra costs of energy. It is indeed easier to give free money πŸ’° than to change the whole system.

A new era

We must accept that the world as we knew it before this century’s pandemic is gone and that a new era has begun. Traveling with a mask on will be the new normal, for the best regarding viruses, for the worse regarding comfort. We use to not know anymore why we would go party because we were partying all the time, now is the time where we don’t really have the mindset to party, and the few times we do it has a real meaning, escaping for a night the burden of our new routines.

I am very impressed in a good way, by the way <Us human/> are able to adapt. Past the first scares and panic moments, we learn to live in a more “dangerous” world, we learned that, yes there is life, and there is death and we accept it as it is.


I can’t wait to have the first images from the new James Webb space telescope, this multi billion dollars scientific project is the most interesting ever. The successor of Hubble will be able to go beyond what Hubble could see. (NASA article)

Webb Telescope will be able to see “baby galaxies”. One reason Webb will be able to see the first galaxies is because it is an infrared telescope.

Ariane 5 launch of James Webb telescope


A little update regarding myself, I found my first contract as a freelancer, I received the good news of the 24th of December. 😊 I am still working hard to learn Python, Front End, and any languages I find interesting to learn by myself for a future career’s shift.
Along the way I am finding new passions for different subjects like SQL, which use to be the skill I did not know much about, I really LOVE it, it’s such a powerful tool, and I could begin to see the similarities between the different tools. The more I learn about things, the more I want to know even more.
I used to write a lot of incident tickets for the front end or back end teams in my previous companies, now I feel I will be able to dig furthermore to spot where the issue is, can’t wait πŸ€“.

Blockchain and Metaverse

Cryptocurrencies market took a bad hit during the last few weeks, it was hard to watch πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ. As much as I like the concept of Decentralized Finance DeFi, I am not sure we really all want to live in a world where currencies could go from 0 to 1000 in a few hours. Stable coins might be the solutions, and as much as I like the way that you can potentially finance your blockchain project by going live on the the market, it’s a bit too wild 🀠.
I still think there is a massive future for securing data on the blockchain in different fields, like real estate, or for example with medical data. I would feel more secure to have my data in the blockchain in the way that no one can alter or modify it, whereas on the cloud or in my computer, anyone could potentially change it or delete it. For real estate I see the blockchain as the notary of the future.
This will only be allowed by Governments with a better KYC (Know Your Customer) and Anti money laundering control.
On Metaverse, given how many oculus headsets have been sold in December, there is obviously a growing interest for VR. Meta (ex-facebook) is putting billions of $$$ into their metaverse, your VR headset might become the one thing to have to have an online life in the near future. Apple is rumoured to be launching its own headset this year, I can not believe they would allow their own customers to join Meta’s world so I am only guessing that Apple itself has a team working on their own Apple world.
There is probably a lot of money to make in all the accessories that people will need at home to have a better VR experience.

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