Looks like tourists are back to Paris

I came back to Paris for a little bit, it was the end of my 5 month long mission for a client and had a few appointments to attend to. I think it’s the first time in my work life where I finished a job in the same happiness and high spirit I started with. Don’t worry I have already find a new client and will begin before the end of the month a new mission πŸ˜‡.

For the first time, I feel sad to leave Wroclaw

I flew back to Paris directly with Ryanair from Wroclaw airport, this is the best way to go back; sure you might have a negative view over one of the most famous low cost European airline but I have always been on time and happier than expected with them. They don’t fly to any of the Paris closest airport but instead to Beauvais but then you have a bus that takes you to Paris in about 1h15min which is the same time in the end than coming back from CDG airport. Door to door it takes about 8h.

I was so surprised that no one is wearing a mask anymore, either in the airport or even in the plane. 😷 Although a pressurised plane with HEPA filters running might be the safest place without mask, the airport doesn’t seem that safe.

Flying with them is quite cheap, count 20/30 euros extra for carry-on luggage and an extra 6€ for an exit row. They have a satisfying choice of food on board, a coffee will be around 3€.
I always found there safety instruction’s drawings quite funny. I must say that I have always been curious to see the demonstration of how to put a life jacket on your child, if you look closely it does not seem this easy πŸ˜…

Ryanair emergency safety instructions on the back of the seat with little drawings and explainations
Ryanair safety instructions

I was then surprised that mask are not enforced anymore in Paris subway πŸš‡. Is the covid gone, images from China did not give me this impression…

Walking in Paris

It’s good to be back, it’s good to speak French a bit. As I said to a friend, Wroclaw is my city of Love, Berlin is my city of heart and Paris is my city of Birth. 😍
The first thing I noticed was the impact of global inflation on prices, my favourite Chinese restaurant increased its prices by 20%. πŸ˜₯ Transportation cost remained the same on the Paris RATP network but for how long ?

Tourists are back too, I could see numerous American tourists, which usually are big spenders so restaurants must be happy. But Asian tourist are nowhere to be seen, a sign that the pandemic is still there. Only a few rich Chinese have escaped before the lockdowns to take refuge in Paris. I was happy to see a bunch of Ukrainians discovering the city.

Bir Hakeim bridge view on eiffel tower and beaugrenelle towers
Pont de Bir Hakeim is a beautiful spot
Vendome column in Paris with it's luxury shops and hotels
garden of the tuileries near le louvre , famous chairs available in big parks in paris
resting under the trees in Jardin des tuileries and it’s famous chairs

I must say I missed walking around here, the scenery is amazing and you easily walk 10 km without noticing. You can always stop by a bakery or a cafΓ© terrace to rest and drink a coffee, buy a croissant or a pain au chocolat. For example the distance following the river from Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame is about 5km already.

The wedding season has started

I must say most of my friends did not marry in their early 20’s so I was quite jealous to never go to any wedding before. Well it seems that now everyone wants to get married ! I guess couples who survived the pandemic and lockdowns together are more keen than ever to tie the knot.

Whereas some friends decided to get married in their birth place, some decide on exotic locations, making it quite difficult to go, especially coming from Central Europe. Have you ever heard of Corsica ? It’s a big island South of France, belonging to France but let’s they have their own traditions.. The ugly truth is that continental French just go there for holidays and islanders are just hating them while still making a bunch of money from tourism.

Don’t expect to find an easy transportation up there, almost no trains, a few buses only twice a day and not on weekends (annoying when you travel). Prices are as crazy as french riviera and there are no cheap alternatives anywhere.

I will tell you more about it when I come back. πŸ˜›

Garden cafe of museum carnavalet in center Paris , with it's nice architecture
I wrote this article enjoying a Parisian beer in the garden of Carnavalet Museum

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