Today was my first #1 Vlog, pardon my French

It had been a while since I wanted to give it a try, as much as I love the classic blogging, I am tempted to give it a try to vlogging. After all, most of the subjects that inspires me today, and most of the content I am watching comes from YouTube.

Well since it’s a first time, I admit I was shy to do it in English. Somehow I am not confident enough on the very first try to not use my mother’s tongue ? 😅 No worries, I will do my best to make the next one in Shakespeare language.

It’s a very short video, since I need anyway to get familiar with iMovie and other softwares. I recorded it vertically like it is quite the norm today, I am still thinking about whether or not I should record instead in 16/9 aspect ratio ? What do you think about it ?

Most scenes have been recorded in Cinematic mode, I just wanted to give it a try since I don’t really need 4K videos anyway. It has all been recorded with my beloved iPhone Mini 13.

I know I have a lot to improve and probably have to spend more time thinking about what I want my viewers to see. If you are curious about what’s coming next, you can always subscribe as well.

I had to re-upload the video after figuring out how to upload vertical videos from iMovie to YouTube. 😎

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