Back to Paris

I haven’t been writing much lately, I do admit it took me a few weeks to get use again to Paris’ lifestyle. Truth is, I have never really enjoyed the city as an adult, because the only year I came back here in the last decade, it started with a month of massive transportation’ strikes and then it was the covid crisis…

September in Paris

In fact it’s still summer, temperature has been crazy warm at night and it’s usually between 25°C and 30°C in the afternoon. One thing you have to keep in mind is that no one has aircon here.

I bought myself a new vinyl, I am such a big fan of this artist, Wet Leg, I don’t know if you heard about it yet, but it’s really nice. It’s pure British indie rock and they are very good!

Vinyl is life 🙂

Paris has seen a bunch a coffee shops opening everywhere. I am still skeptical on how they survive given the prices of rental compared to a cheaper coffee than Starbucks for example. My big guess is that they managed to have a lot of B2B events, or organise some workshops around coffee.

love this cup

You can find this coffee shop on 25 boulevard Garibaldi 75015 Paris, the name of the place is Bel Horizon Coffee Roasters, and the owner is very nice and friendly, and those coffee cups are huge and beautiful! Worth going to!

Here is another one, it’s at La manufacture de café by Alain Ducasse 12 Rue St Sabin, 75011 Paris. Alain Ducasse is the chef who also created the recipe of my favorite chocolate cake who I often share about on this blog. 😎 I tried there cold coffee with CO2, it looks like a beer but it’s only coffee, and it’s much better than the one I tried in Seattle at Starbuck’s Reserve.

having a coffee at the bar changes your perspective, they will give you a tasty little madeleine cake to eat with your coffee

I discovered the recently renovated district of Batignolles in the 17th district. It goes the whole way to Porte de Clichy and it’s a bunch of extravagant designs with a very beautiful park in the middle. It just doesn’t look like Paris, at least the Paris I knew from before, but I would love to live there!

Le Louvre

It’s always a pleasure to cross la Seine and cross le Louvre garden to go to the center of Paris. This building is just magnificent, unequaled and will probably stay there forever ? I had the chance to visit it again recently, if I may, you might want to consider visiting it over a few days!

WW2 Jeep

Parisians are quirky, they love to show off in beautiful car or historical cars like this beautifully maintained Jeep. Imagine going on a date in that car, well it’s probably very uncomfortable but everyone will definitely look at you?

Last but not least, I have known this old independant cinema my whole life, and it survived everything. I think it’s really special because it is inside an apartment building!
Cinéma Chaplin Saint Lambert – 6 Rue Péclet, 75015 Paris

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