Author: Cyrille

  • Progresses on RNA vaccines technology, premises of a new type of bio-weapon ?

    Science is great and also often unfortunately correlated to research on advance weaponry systems, governments being more keen to spend billions of dollars into their defence programs than on vaccines R&D.

  • The exploitation of cheap labor, a necessity ?

    The past year has put into the spotlights the way our society is relying on cheap labor, often foreign workers, sometimes illegally working in the country . Covid crisis, migrating crisis and also Brexit have shownt the great need of this labor to assure the continuity of supply chain, from the farm to our fridge, from the restaurant to our table. We rely on all these individuals, which are invisible to us or that we just prefer to ignore. If tomorrow, cheap labor was striking worldwide, probably all existing services would be affected.

  • Reaching my thirties

    I won’t miss my 20s, I would say those 10 years were rich in amazingly difficult situations, permanent doubt and questioning, feeling lost most of the time, pretending that everything is fine when it’s crap. Those years were like crossing Tanzania on a dirt and muddy road, with an old truck.