Luxury 15th century farm in the South of French Alps

Luxury farm of the 15th century in Chabottes France La granges des Ecrins Bed and Breakfast view of the mountains from on of the refined room
View from one of the room of this charming Bed & Breakfast

Famous for its 300 days of sun a year, the valley of Champsaur in the South of the French Alps offers the best of the wild mountains experience, next to the National Park of Les Ecrins, offering a wide range of winter and summer activities in the fresh air.
La Grange des Ecrins, a charming Bed & Breakfast is the place to go to enjoy the silence and tranquility of the mountains, both in summer and winter, while enjoying a refined home and delicious meals. Situated at the end of the road, you will be able to isolate yourself and relax, enjoying the large garden, the great terraces including one in the trees ! They big plus is that they speak German, English, French and Chinese.
Address : Chemin du Fangeassons, 05260 Chabottes, France

Travel tips for France, the new SNCF dedicated page to combine your tickets to your sanitary QR code pass

SNCF now offers to link its ticket and its health QR code to avoid lengthy checks during the journey and to be able to sleep peacefully (if you are like me a big sleeper of the TGV speed train) .
The whole operation is done by photographing the QR code of the ticket and then the QR code of the pass on the website . Super convenient and easy to use.
I see you coming, yes it’s linking databases together, but if it avoids having to take out your health pass during the controls it’s welcome !

G7 taxis in Paris, now better than Uber

If you were like me in Paris during last summer , and if you are a big Uber user since many years, you must have noticed that the waiting time is longer than ever before to get a car. Tired of waiting for drivers who ended up cancelling the trip, or complaining about the lack of customers during the whole trip, I chose to give a chance to the official cabs. The G7 application is in my opinion the best on the cab market in Paris.

The rates are in the end the same as for Uber, given the fact you drive faster since they are allowed to us the dedicated bus lanes. With the speed reduced to 30km/h in the center, it’s more than welcome to avoid traffic jam.
The only drawback is if you use a N26 card like me, a €50 print might stay a few days on your balance until the final amount is debited If you take several cabs during the week, you will either need to send the tickets for your bank to lift those debit card prints or use overdraft.


Driving your Snowmobile to enjoy a beautiful sunrise

Orcières 1850, Hautes Alpes, France

As soon as the ski season reopens, you must try the snowmobile ride above the resort of Orcières 1850 in the Hautes-Alpes. It is possible to do it even if the ski resort is not open for sanitary reasons.
Accompanied by a guide who explains in a few minutes how to drive the machine, you are launched on your powerful machine on the slopes of the station, you will make a stroll until the chalet of Rocherousse at 2500m to finish in beauty with a view on the station and the sunrise on the national Park of Écrins.
The snowmobiles run on bio-ethanol and are of the latest models.
Best ways to access Orcières 1850 resort, fly to Marseilles, Lyon or even Grenoble, from there take bus or train to Gap city, rent a car or take the shuttle to the resort.

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