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The iPhone mini 13 is my favorite phone

I’ve been using the iPhone 13 mini since November 2021 and I did not regret any minute not choosing a bigger iPhone. I have always been a fan a small compact phone that can be used with one hand, as long as they pack the same features as bigger ones. I had try the iPhone SE when it came out and I was happy with it until iOS 11 and the battery 🔋 issues crippled it. For a while I then had Samsung phones and went back to Apple with the SE2 in 2020.
I really liked the SE2 but the battery was not lasting long enough for my daily usage and I was missing a better screen. I could not ask more when Apple revealed there was a mini new phone coming with the 12 line-up.

breakfast plate with fruits

Let’s be honest, a picture is always a win when it comes to iPhones.
The iPhone 13 mini is a bit thicker than the iPhone 12 and has a bigger battery and a better camera, which makes it the very perfect phone.
I chose the red one, it seemed logical since it was supporting that year the Covid research, to pick the red one; plus the red is way better than last year’s model.
iPhone 13 mini, 809€ on Apple website

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