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Thoughts on TikTok

I originally published this as the end of the precedent articles, only to not be too much spotted by chinese censorship. In fact each time I publish articles related to this country, I get an extra bunch of viewers and probably not from the best eyes 👀… Is TikTok the perfect psychological weapon ?  I … Continue reading “Thoughts on TikTok”

Escaping burning Paris, le temps d’un weekend

The house has a thatched roof, pretty uncommon these days, for those wondering it means it’s covered with a thick layer of dry vegetation such as straw. There is no light pollution, meaning that you have a beautiful night sky, and can even enjoy the Milky Way. Alice in wonderland kind of house.

Blog update, what’s up ?

It’s always difficult when you are having a blast on a mission to jump to another. I almost had the fear of change and I was not ready for a new environment of work.

Looks like tourists are back to Paris

It’s good to be back, it’s good to speak French a bit. As I said to a friend, Wroclaw is my city of Love, Berlin is my city of heart and Paris is my city of Birth. 😍

Back to Poland for a while

A lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote on my blog. While France was still focused on their presidential elections, the day I landed back in Wroclaw, was the day a convoy of French volunteers were looking for a place to spend the night on their way to Ukraine.

Thoughts on the way to Berlin

The weather was amazing, Spring has come and the good nice days are back. I know from experience that Berlin can be tough in winter, very dark and depressing. The kind of city where you NEED that ugly looking fake sun lamp.

Europe on the verge of War

Who could have predicted that after two years of pandemic crisis, Russian president would decide to invade Ukraine and threaten peace in Europe ? The madness of one single man is once again leading the world into the Third World War. Who would have bet 3rdWW would be happening in Europe. Like many I thought it would have been between India and China or some other countries of Asia…

Digital nomadism, THE new popular lifestyle ?

All my trips are made possible by the fact I work from « home ». I only need my computer and an access point to the Internet. I could be on a boat, on a plane, an island or in Thailand it wouldn’t make a difference to my clients.

london street blue sky

London in uncertain pandemic times

Crossing the border felt almost like the same, security has always been quite tight for the Eurostar so in the end it doesn’t make much of a difference for passengers.


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