Digital nomadism, THE new popular lifestyle ?

All my trips are made possible by the fact I work from « home ». I only need my computer and an access point to the Internet. I could be on a boat, on a plane, an island or in Thailand it wouldn’t make a difference to my clients.

Here I am again, writing an article on my iPhone 📱 13 mini , this time onboard the french speed train TGV 🚄 to Lyon. I really enjoyed those 3 last weeks in London, almost enough time for me to get that cute British accent. It was so refreshing, the end of covid rules there were quite surprising at first, but felt like we were back to normal life after a few days and Yes it feels good 😊 !

I haven’t wrote much about my trip, because in fact, writing about your daily activities _ which would seem very normal to anyone else before the pandemic _ isn’t that easy.

I must admit it does feel exotic to be there, post Brexit, it does feel even more like a foreign country than before. I was almost getting used to the cars driving on the left, which make crossing the road quite difficult when you are not used to it, that it was already time for me to go back to Paris. I must admit though that Eunice storm 💨 almost made it impossible to go back to France.

The mercato mayfair declassified church with it’s original design and restaurants and bars foodcourt. Lots or people having lunch there
Mercato Mayfair

I already miss the blue eggs, the incredible pub ambiance, the tasty fish and chips, having a pizza and a great german beer at Mercato Mayfair on Sundays and also my favourite British cat 🐈‍⬛.

Working on the go

All my trips are made possible by the fact I work from « home ». I only need my computer and an access point to the Internet. I could be on a boat, on a plane, an island or in Thailand it wouldn’t make a difference to my clients. Travelling gives me a breath of fresh air well needed after the pandemic 😷. Travelling while still making money is the saint Graal in my opinion, it’s way different that travelling for work or for holidays. It’s a lifestyle, I see myself not so different from my favourite Youtube boat channel -> SV delos for example.

When I started freelancing it was the best way I could find to be able to live with my gf, study code 👨‍💻 and work at the same time. I use to travel a lot when I was a kid and a young adult, thanks to my parents living abroad, and I think I was missing the positive energy I absorb from it. Constantly meeting new people, discovering new cities.

Is not for everyone

Sure it’s not for everyone, it’s like people who try expat life for the first time, they would either live the dream or hate it and go home a few months later, I have witnessed it countless times when I was living in Shanghai between 2009 – 2013.

It also means that either your partner is also a digital nomad – or at least able to follow you at some point – or that you are single. 😅

Like Dan and Kika from Sailing ⛵️ Uma would say, don’t buy a couch ! 🛋.

I must admit that so far my polish apartment decoration is … minimalist 😄, I am not buying much things, but in the end do we really need all those things ??

I come to the point of thinking that we buy stuff to make our sedentary lifes more interesting 🤨. No judgment here, there is a lifestyle for everyone, and I use to be from the one’s who would make their places super cosy to be able to basically live there !

Did covid make a difference?

An emergency situation

Well in my opinion, it made a huge change. We discovered that commuting everyday is not mandatory anymore, that most people who have office jobs can work from home. What use to be a rare work from home option became the reality of millions in one second.

Of course when you have kids this was probably a nightmare! Young couple with very small apartments on big cities suffered a lot from this forced situation. I think it was a dream coming true for gamers and stay-at-home. They were suddenly the example of a good behavior.

After covid

What about now ? It seems that companies are trying to bring back workers in their fancy offices. Work from home for everyone was many managers’ nightmare, transportation services from many big cities are on the verge of bankruptcy, and restaurants and businesses in business districts are almost all closed. Big companies like Apple or Google are facing unhappiness in teams that they want back in the office, it really seemed no one had planned that people would actually enjoy work from home so much.

A few companies made a choice to permanently allow their teams to work from where they want. Only a few, and here you go if you really want to work from a distance you must create your own company and offer your services as a freelancer.

What if covid did not happend?

Well, freelancing was already a thing before the pandemic but many many companies where much more reluctant to open their available positions to freelancers. I think without the pandemic I would have never considered becomint independant and that i was in fact “reserved” to certain type of activities like designers.

I am not saying covid was a good thing 😬, but I like to appreciate every things that happened in life in the most positive way possible.

What’s next ?

Good question ! Hard to say, I am listening to the market and will take any opportunity I judge to be nice for myself .

The french speed train TGV in gare de lyon Paris before departure to lyon on a monday evening
The french TGV 🚄

Ukrainian crisis is there to remind us that our relatively peaceful times can change tomorrow and might change the face of the world we know as well. Let’s just enjoy life, explore, learn, stay healthy and celebrate the nearly 🙏 end .. of the pandemic 😷.

To be continued…

Remontée des cas de covid en France, le début de la fin ?

Chiffres au 7 juillet 11:30

L’embellie n’aura pas durée, on s’attendait après Israël et l’Angleterre à un remontée des cas de covid d’un moment à l’autre notamment en raison d’un variant plus contagieux. On observe depuis cette semaine à l’échelle nationale une remontée des cas de Covid, certes faible pour le moment, mais après plus d’un an d’épidémie on sait tous ce qu’est une exponentielle dorénavant.
Qu’on se rassure, à part un cluster dans les Landes depuis quelques semaines, c’est au niveau des 20-29 ans que l’incidence augmente le plus. Cependant lors de la dernière vague, cela avait également commencé de la sorte, avec une progression de l’incidence vers les catégories d’âge supérieure.

Heatmap à Paris – source CovidTracker Guillaume Rozier

On voit tout de suite l’effet de la fête de la musique et des soirées étudiantes et lycéennes depuis la fin du confinement notamment à Paris où l’incidence à triplée en une semaine seulement. On peut malheureusement tabler sur une hausse similaire à ce que l’on a vu en Écosse ou en Catalogne récemment avec une explosion des
contaminations dans ces tranches d’âge étant donné le faible taux de vaccination.
Le problème ici n’est pas tant les hospitalisations qui ne concernent pas beaucoup ces âges là mais plutôt le risque d’apparition de nouveaux variants au sein de ces groupes de population où le virus circule beaucoup.

La couverture vaccinale française est-elle à ce jour suffisante pour éviter une hausse brutale des hospitalisations ?

D’après les chiffres anglais plus de 2/3 des adultes ont reçus deux doses de vaccin; au 20 juin 69% de la population adulte est entièrement vaccinée et 88% ont reçus au moins une dose. Les chiffres français sont : 37,15% seulement ont reçus toutes les doses requises et 51,8% une dose.

On y est clairement pas … les anglais sont 30% plus (+) vaccinés que nous.

Bureau des statistiques nationales anglaises
Covid Tracker Ministère de la Santé

Que disent les chiffres anglais sur l’augmentation des hospitalisations ?

Les hospitalisations touchent majoritairement les 85 ans et plus, cependant on observe une augmentation des hospitalisations chez les moins de 5 ans et les 15/24 ans.
La mortalité des plus de 75 ans aux UK reste la part la plus importante des décès. Elle a cependant baissé depuis le mois de janvier, ont voit bien ici le bénéfice du vaccin.

Les médecins anglais ne semblent pas craindre cette fois de remontés des hospitalisations, cependant des inquiétudes persistes sur les effets à long terme de la maladie chez les patients jeunes. En effet, les effets des long covid ne sont pas entièrement connus à ce jour, on peut craindre notamment des effets sur le cerveau chez les plus jeunes.

L’expression “Covid long” désigne un large éventail de problèmes de santé dont souffrent les personnes qui ont contracté le virus et qui peuvent persister pendant des mois après l’infection, notamment la fatigue, l’essoufflement, les douleurs thoraciques et les troubles cognitifs.

Les chiffres anglais montrent donc un effet plus que bénéfique de la vaccination sur les hospitalisations, ont estime que plus de 9 hospitalisations sur 10 sont évitées ainsi.

Le vaccin reste à ce jour le meilleur moyen de contrôler cette pandémie et de limiter les décès, les long covid, et la surcharge des systèmes de santé.

Il porte à croire que nous serons tous à un moment où à un autre contaminés par un variant de ce virus alors autant mettre toutes les chances de son côté.

On peut malheureusement craindre une augmentation plus importante des hospitalisations et des décès au niveau national en France étant donné la faible couverture vaccinale.