A great start of the year

I like the energy I get from those new discoveries, it gives me strength and ideas to learn more and continue to look into innovative things.

Today is a grey day in Paris, you can not tell how high the clouds are because it looks like the sky is just a big grey cloud with no limits. I am not a big fan of thoses days to say the least, it somehow impacts my energy in a negative way and just makes me want to sleep and hide until it’s better.

It’s Sunday with no sun, so I decided to make an effort and write a bit, might go to a co working space later today, to gather more positive energy 😇. Not sure why, but co working spaces really help me to do more that I would have been doing, at home. Of course it’s not free but just seing new faces and people working on something – whatever it is – helps me sometimes.

I had surgery last week, it went great 👍 and recovery is faster than I expected. No worries, I know that by hearing the word surgery, people often anticipate it as a last chance scenario for a bad thing happening; truth is it was just a very minor and very casual surgery known as saphenous veins removal. 😌 I tend to think that my great diet and new lifestyle has helped so much with it in the way that I am healthier today than I was last year.

I started a new job also, a freelance mission for a client for the next 5 months. It just feels so great, the team is amazing, I fit greatly in this new job and most importantly I am having a blast every day !

I decided to go freelance first because I wanted to be able to work where I wanted, and also because it would fit my project of working and studying at the same time for the next 6 months.

From there I am not sure 🤔 yet I will sign for another mission or try to start my new carrier as junior developer. Anyway time will say and I am very confident 🙂 that watever it is, it will be a nice journey.

Opening my own little company was not that difficult, of course it means you have to do things by yourself, meaning a bit of administrative tasks. In the end the most difficult was to figure out which tax forms I would now need to fill and to wait for the administration to take into account my new company. I came accross plenty of blogs, videos, websites, posts, giving tips and not always the greatest ones, it just felt sometimes I was the particular case no one was really talking about.

If you need help setting up your company in France 🇫🇷 don’t hesitate to contact me 😀, I have now a good knowledge of the do’s and don’t. Plus I am always keen to learn about new projects, yes I am that guy who goes to the startup Christmas market and talk to everyone to get to know their projects better. I went to the one in Station F in Paris this year and made some great discoveries.

I think 🤔 I developed this ease to talk to random strangers about different projects while traveling and living in countries where I was not speaking local language. I know how to make people at ease and make then tell me what their project is and feel confident.

One of the woman I met at this market was telling me she was in fact facing great difficulties in opening her own company. We had a little chitchat and I was able to make her more confident that the little administrative issues she has now are easy to go around. I do it for free, it empowers me and makes me more creative and happy about myself.

There was a bunch of nice little projects, one young startup from Lyon was proposing to industry to use fish skin to replace leather for example. The final texture or the product was very impressive, I guess the most difficult part with this product is to make consumers forget the brain 🧠 association they probably make in their minds with fish 🐟 being stinky.

I also admired a great project of a young woman who’s business she first started in her own kitchen had developed greatly already. Petit Côté is proposing portions of cakes made of at least 30% of vegetables 🥕. This have the advantage to reduce fats and sugar added in those pastries 🥮. I tried myself the chocolate cakes (with 30% beets) and it was really nice 👍.

Most of these businesses where launch during the pandemic and I can only be admirative of the resilience and the courage of those entrepreneurs !

The project I was the most excited and interested about is a company called Flakon. I do feel a bit mitigated about their current market target and I will do my best to explain why.

The product is great looking, simple and smart. Let me share a picture because you can then decide for yourself right away.

They bottle french wine 🍷, and the good ones, in 100mL cute packages, to put into perspective, the size of the bottle cap is the exact same as a standard 750mL wine bottle. They kepts the overall design of the standard bottle, adaptating it to the new for factor which IMO makes it really cute looking ! I find the form factor really attractive and wants to buy it and collecting it right away !

Their goal right now is to offer this product in boxes containing a few of them for wine tasting. Let me show you:

Boxes are far from being cheap and looks kind of ugly (just a better carton 📦) my guess would be that french consumers might prefer to buy actual bottles of 750mL and share with their guests instead of sharing one little test tube 🧪 for each wine.

I personally see this product in Asia, in China and in many luxury clubs of Asia ! Available in hotels too, at the bar and in the mini bar to allow clients, who don’t necessarily have the culture of drinking french wine , to try them and develop a taste for it. This product is far better looking than mini bottles we sometimes see will ever be. I aslo can only thing of seeing this product becoming the new thing to order all together at the club with friends instead of glasses of wine 🍷. I would totally see this product available in Bar Rouge in Shanghai for example.

I tried to share my enthusiasm but it doesn’t seem to me that they have any international ambitions at the time. 🥴

I like the energy I get from those new discoveries, it gives me strength and ideas to learn more and continue to look into innovative things. I might sound very Schumpeterian talking about innovation but what else is THIS interesting nowadays ? Our economies rely on innovation and I will do my best to be part of it in the next decade.

I admit I wanted to write about this for some time but never had the chance to yet. In the end, this grey Sunday was a chance 🍀

I might go to London in two weeks, i will do my best to write about a local subject 🤫

To be continued.

Taking time for your own good

I took a sort of “year-off” during the covid crisis to work on myself, make a total change of the way I am eating, and enjoy this opportunity to make a major breakthrough in who I am and what I want to do in my adult life.

It mights seem a little strange to my readers that I used the expression “adult life”, but there is more than just being over 18 or having responsibilities. With the great help of a professional, I discovered that I had never really “officially” expressed my views and, kind of showed to my parents that now this is my life and that these are my choices. That their opinions, are, what they are, and I am keen to accept to hear them out, but, it won’t change my own choices.

I also evacuated questions and subjects I was too shy or shameful to talk to with them. And THIS is such a weight off my shoulders, I feel I can now conquer my life and live free of fences.
Like for example, let’s say you always had the feeling that your mother, for some reasons, were putting your siblings first and not you. Well this is the kind of things you don’t want to keep for yourself until they eventually die. This is much more important than you would think, to evacuate this thoughts from your mind by mostly sharing them with your parents. It’s not easy, and there will be emotions and probably tears in the process but this will finally allow you to live your LIFE.

This had an indirect effect on my diet. I have been doing an important change on how I eat during the last 6 months and I was always struggling with some sort of bulimia phases where I would eat and eat and eat until I could not physically swallow anymore. This was an unconscious way to evacuate the stress and was therefore destroying all my diet efforts.

I am now weighting as much as 7 years ago which is so far an amazing achievement. 

I am not hungry and am not restricting myself too much. It’s important in those kind of life-changing diet to have a very strong mindset in what your goals are and how not to let it go. The benefits of this weight loss and diet are far more than just feeling lighter. I have greatly improved my self confidence, it is always an amazing feeling to fit in clothes you would not have imagined to wear again, or to go from XXL to XL for polos for example.

I also greatly improved my sleep, I use to be a total insomniac, sometimes not sleeping for 4 nights in a row and suffering a lot, and of course having to eat more to cope with the sleep depravation. I also enjoy much more to climb stairs, in fact, I don’t realize at all that I am climbing them. Also I could notice great effect of my heart rate. I basically went from an average 130 BPM while walking fast to 100BPM. Same for resting heart rate, went from about 85BPM to 65BPM.
I had to drastically reduce my alcohol consumption for good, the good news is that if you are socially drinking there are now many 0% alcohol alternatives. The funny effect is that now one glass of beer makes me tipsy and that’s in a way a cheaper way to have fun. I don’t miss it too much so that went fine.
I also had to stop caffeinated coffee, at first I had switched to deca coffee but it really misses the good nice taste of a good coffee and eventually dropped it. I was drinking way to much long coffee during days at work, which was having a very negative impact on my insulin even though I would not put sugar in it. This was the most important impact on my weight loss after all those years.

It was not all perfect though, there was also an unexpected negative effect that I did not anticipate, unfortunately, I did hurt my knee because my weight loss induced big changed in the knee support and therefore caused some pain. It’s also king of pricey to have to renew my whole closet, I am trying to do it smart and wait for my final goal to be reached.

There was some very difficult moments where my weight would not go down for a month even though i was making efforts, it passed but OMG it was a hard time. But it did not change my diet or tried to eat less, eating less is the biggest mistake because you will pay for it and not in a good way with like food craves at night for example. I forgot to mention that I do not snack between meals and drink a lot of water or lemon ginger hot water.

This whole change is having such a great effect on my self confidence, even though I haven’t work for a year now, I am so grateful I could spend time for my own good. I feel confident for whatever the future might be, I am keen to work on many projects and future achievements.