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  • November 2022 might feel hard but it’s nothing compared to what going on in the rest of the World

    I was thinking that November in Paris with the transportation situation is quite difficult and annoying, day are shorter and shorter and overall my happiness is going down in flames. But then I can’t forget the fact that I am leaving a mostly peaceful and secured little life in a country where I can relatively […]

  • The right to be successful

    The right to be successful

    We all have our own demons, one of mine is procrastination and with time I identified the root cause being the fear of failure. The main reason is often psychological, and only therapy can really help you strives through those thoughts that you may have. The fear of failure Until today, it still sometimes takes […]

  • Going to France for the next few weeks

    Going to France 🇫🇷, Part 1 On the road again, I am not complaining, I love it. Today I am at Wroclaw airport, waiting for my flight to Beauvais, then it will be a one hour bus to Paris. I am so glad Ryanair kept that airway open, it’s so more convenient that taking Air […]