Too much instantaneity in our daily lives ?

It got me wondered, all those new delivery services, relying on dark stores or dark kitchens, delivering us food and goods in less than 15 minutes; is it really the future we want to live in ? Think about it, do we really want to live in a world where everything is instant ? IsContinue reading “Too much instantaneity in our daily lives ?”

Parisians startup Too Good To go vs Instagram

There has been some backlash recently on the French Instagram account called “Balance ta startup” literally “denounce your startup” (link); regarding a company called Too Good To Go, you might have heard about it, their “eco-responsible, anti-waste concept is to let you buy unsold goods from restaurants, hotels or shops that would normally end upContinue reading “Parisians startup Too Good To go vs Instagram”

The french system episode 1

I’ve always been asked what I want to do with my life, my professional life, and I find it still hard to answer today. I think that in France it’s unfortunately a skewed question because they will always look at what you studied before even considering your application. The ideal path to success In myContinue reading “The french system episode 1”