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  • Back to Paris

    I haven’t been writing much lately, I do admit it took me a few weeks to get use again to Paris’ lifestyle. Truth is, I have never really enjoyed the city as an adult, because the only year I came back here in the last decade, it started with a month of massive transportation’ strikes […]

  • The right to be successful

    The right to be successful

    We all have our own demons, one of mine is procrastination and with time I identified the root cause being the fear of failure. The main reason is often psychological, and only therapy can really help you strives through those thoughts that you may have. The fear of failure Until today, it still sometimes takes […]

  • Looks like tourists are back to Paris

    Looks like tourists are back to Paris

    It’s good to be back, it’s good to speak French a bit. As I said to a friend, Wroclaw is my city of Love, Berlin is my city of heart and Paris is my city of Birth. ๐Ÿ˜